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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Drugs against hangover
  4. How to avoid a hangover


After excessive drinking alcoholic beverages, a hangover happens. It can be of varying severity, but any hangover is, in fact, a poisoning in which a person should be provided with appropriate medical care. Do not ignore the symptoms indicating serious disorders in the body.


The main reason for a hangover is intoxication caused by taking alcohol. If ethyl alcohol enters the body in too large quantities, the liver cells are not able to completely break it down into carbon dioxide and water. As a result, the body accumulates acetaldehyde (a product of alcohol breakdown), which causes signs of a hangover. With the help of the mechanism, the human body signals poisoning.

If a person got dependent on alcohol, the hangover develops slightly different. The acetaldehyde formed as a result of decomposed ethanol, activates process of lipid oxidation and stimulates synthesis of dopamine in the brain. As a result, there are vegetative reactions - trembling, sweating, painful heart, fear of death and others. Lipid-rich liver cells suffer, resulting in destruction gradually replaced by a connective tissue. As a result, liver detoxifying function progressively worsens, so a hangover in alcoholics occurs with a small dose of alcohol consumed.


There are key symptoms of hangover syndrome:

  • weak and heavy body
  • headaches and dizziness
  • joint pain
  • strong thirst
  • lack of appetite
  • increased salivation
  • nausea and vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • dyspnea
  • edema of the extremities
  • excessive sweating
  • red face
  • decreased libido
  • irritability
  • tremor
  • rapid urination

The symptoms of a hangoverThese signs indicate that a person has recently drunk too much, and now the body struggles with alcohol poisoning.

The degree of severity of hangover syndrome depends on the type and amount of alcohol consumed. In this sense red wine is less dangerous, but it contains a special substance called tyramine causing headache. As for cognac, whiskey, rum and champagne, these drinks lead to a hangover most often.

A typical hangover symptom is nausea or vomiting. While experiencing, the body tries to get rid of toxins, but severe vomiting leads to dehydration and excreting nutrients. Thus, the person often feels general weakness or apathy, experiences disordered stomach and increased pressure. The signs of reddening eyes and a lack of appetite can also appear. A particularly severe hangover causes even depresseion.

The hangover can develop severe disorders in alcoholics:

  • trembling, sweating, palpitations, excited emotions;
  • rapidly ( within an hour) disordered consciousness, lost intellectual functions, inability to navigate in time and space;
  • auditory, visual hallucinations, sensations like spiders or ants crawling on the skin;
  • persecutory delusion combined with fear, desire to protect or escape;
  • convulsive attacks on the background of pronounced excitement


Drugs for getting rid of a hangover

Hangover treatment consists in removing harmful alcohol breakdown products from the body, eliminating headache and other unpleasant symptoms and restoring the fluid balance. The alcohol is removed by vitamin C; it also helps to improve overall health. Vitamin C can be taken in the form of tablets, and in the form of citrus juice or rosehip broth. If you got a headache, take an analgesic medication after having meal.

How to prevent a hangover: Drugs for getting rid of a hangover

In the evening, after drinking alcohol:

  • drink down sorbent Filtrum with plenty of water.

In the morning:

  • take a contrast shower;
  • use tablets against hangover;
  • if you have no contraindications, take an analgesic or vasodilator.

FiltrumHow to remove a hangover quickly when suffering from gastrointestinal disorders and vomiting: we advise you to use Filtrum helping to remove harmful substances from the body. Filtrum is a sorbent. It performs as follows: toxic molecules compressed into tablets of this agent against hangover are attached to the surface of the smallest particles and deduced from the stomach and intestine. Filtrum must be applied separately from other remedies. Therefore, the best way is taking several tablets immediately after awakening, drinking 1 to 2 glasses of clean water, and taking other medications after an hour.

In case of severe alcohol poisoning, a doctor's help is necessary. It can be obtained by contacting medical facility. The treatment consists of intravenous injection of fluid into the body, maintaining the functions of the heart, lungs, and brain.

Some commercial clinics offer paid detox services at home. In this case, the doctor comes to the patient and conducts all the medical procedures without hospitalization.

The complex of procedures for detoxification includes applying thiamine, psychotropic and nootropic drugs, solutions, enterosorbents, vitamin C.

Need to become drunk is one of the signs of alcoholism, so, when it appears, call on the specialist called narcologist.

This sign must be distinguished from after-intoxication state, that is, ordinary poisoning associated with excessive intake of alcohol.

How to avoid a hangover:

  1. A day or two before drinking alcohol, have a little sea kale, seafood or feijoa. These products contain a lot of iodine enhancing oxidation of alcohol intaken. The dosage of iodine should be about 10-12 mcg per day.
  2. In the morning on feast day, drink something choleretic - rose hip syrup (just a couple of tablespoons), infusion of corn stigmas or a special cholagogue. These remedies will allow to increase the bile outflow, as a result of which your liver and pancreas will perform better and will be able to fight alcohol more effectively.
  3. Before a feast, drink Filtrum. The active substance called Lignin contained in the preparation, absorbs most of the toxic products of alcohol breakdown and contributes to the removal from the body.
  4. Before drinking alcohol, try to have much meal. Milk or protein products protecting mucous surfaces of the stomach and intestines can help better, as a result alcohol will be absorbed more slowly. During a feast snack much. Potatoes, meat and other dishes containing high fats will help neutralize the effects of alcohol. Drink ordinary water in breaks, that will save you from dehydration.
  5. Do not drink a lot of sparkling alcoholic drinks and do not drink down alcohol with soda: carbon dioxide will increase rate of assimilation of alcohol and lead to a strong hangover the next morning.

What helps against hangover best?

Avoiding alcohol is the most important advice. If you drink alcoholic beverages above quota, you will fail to avoid a hangover, even if you observe all of the above precautionary measures.

During drinking, try to move more (for example, dance), go out outside. Before going to bed, walk a little to weaken the effect of alcohol on the body.

This will reduce intoxication and help to avoid hangover syndrome.


Important: Before using, read the instructions or consult your doctor. Applying Filtrum can differ and depends on the human body features.