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  1. Detoxication diet
  2. Detoxicating sorbents
  3. Necessary detoxification conditions


Most of harmful substances entering body undergo chemical transformation in the liver and are excreted in the bile through the intestine. Microbial cells and toxins, surplus food cholesterol and other unnecessary substances (slags) are removed in the same way. With kidney failure, the intestine takes over part of its functions releasing nitrogen metabolism products. The same thing happens with liver failure.

Therefore, detoxication primarily involves normalizing bowel and applying additional remedies binding toxins in its lumen. Taking sufficient amounts of dietary fiber and water must become an indispensable condition for a healthy lifestyle. It is also beneficial to carry out regular body purification with sorbents.

Detoxication diet

Proper body purification is impossible without rational diet and drinking regimen. Expert advice:

  • Drink more water, at least 2 liters daily or add to the diet watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes. Water participates in chemical reactions to neutralize toxins, helping kidneys and intestines to function normal. Also, the hydration makes healthy skin.
  • Have more fiber. It serves as a natural purifier and helps to get rid of toxins and other harmful waste accumulated in the intestine. The fiber normalizes stool. It is contained in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables (especially those with dense peels), beans, almonds.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol containing harmful substances slowing down purification. These substances increase likelihood of stomach and liver disorders, as well as diabetes and obesity. Drink green tea containing caffeine and antioxidants instead of coffee. Alcohol, especially dark (whiskey, red wine), contains toxic by-products of fermentation . In addition, with the alcohol breakdown in the body, poisonous acetaldehyde forms.
  • Limit use of carbohydrates contained in white rice, bread, pasta. Passion for these products not only leads to obesity, but also causes blood sugar level fluctuations. In addition, these products may contain harmful preservatives. Therefore, choose foods featuring higher fiber content - whole grain bread, brown rice, legumes and potatoes. They are not only healthier, but also help in intestine cleanse.
  • Garlic, beet, cabbage and lemon purifies and maintain health great. Have blueberries, apples, celery, carrots and wild rice in regular.
  • Brew and drink herbal teas, infusions with dandelion leaves, licorice, burdock root properly. Drink regularly certain herbal decoctions of Tibetan body purification system.
  • While shopping, intend to choose environmentally friendly products, give preference to farm and home products grown without pesticides and antibiotics.

Detoxication sorbents

Another way to eradicate is taking special medications. Usually, for this purpose, activated-active tablets or specially formulated preparations are recommended. Filtrum® is one of the most effective ones thanks to active substance "Lignin" contained (naturall enterosorbent obtained from wood).

Advantages of "Filtrum" compared with activated carbon:

Cleansing ability less higher
Method of administration a large number of tablets needed tobe taken 3 capsules per day
Efficacy in case of impaired liver and kidney function low high

More details about this can be found in section "The difference between Filtrum and activated carbon"

Reviews of the body purification with the drug Filtrum® confirm its effectiveness. People taking this drug note convenient application (small children should crush and add tablets to meal), good tolerability and no side effects.

How should I take Filtrum ® to provide adult body detoxication: one tablet is taken an hour before meals 3 times a day. With chronic intoxications, the duration of the course is 2 - 3 weeks, it can be repeated after 2 weeks.

Important: Before using, consult a physician.

Filtrum® effectively purifies intestine removing harmful substances:

  • toxins released by bacteria;
  • drud metaabolism products, as well as pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives entered the body with food;
  • bilirubin, urea, cholesterol;
  • food allergens;
  • external toxins, for example, industrial poisons.

Necessary detoxication conditions

In addition to using the above-mentioned drugs, keep healthy lifestyle for reaching complete purification and recovery:

  • quit smoking and avoid passive smoking;
  • take regular massage courses;
  • avoid external toxins such as smog, industrial emissions, chemicals for air scent;
  • work out regularly in the open air 30 minutes 4 - 5 times a week;
  • sleep 7 to 8 hours a day to strengthen your immune system;
  • avoid stress to provide normal operating body systems, including detoxifying ones;
  • Take an "unloading day" once a week, reducing number of calories, animal fats in the diet and drinking more water.

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