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Features of nutrition after poisoning

  1. What diet after poisoning should be
  2. Features of nutrition after poisoning
  3. What foods should be excluded from the diet
  4. Diet after poisoning among children

Diet after poisoning

Food poisoning is a disease caused by having meal containing toxins or pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi). The result is destroyed gastrointestinal tract, usually accompanied by vomiting and / or liquid stool. In some cases, other organs, such as kidneys, brain or muscles, also suffer.

In most cases, food poisoning does not last long, the symptoms disappear on their own or after applying drugs, for example, sorbents. However, the disease can cause dehydration and a decrease in blood concentrations of the necessary salts.

Treating food poisoning includes not only intaking medicines, but compliance with the diet. Proper nutrition can help get rid of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The therapeutic effect of the diet is as follows:

  • the body is provided with proteins necessary for recovering damaged intestine mucous membrane, as well as with energy sources - fats and carbohydrates;
  • the normal level of fluid and salts restores in the blood and tissues;
  • the regeneration of the intestinal wall accelerates due to its mechanical effect;
  • The amount of intestinal contents decreases reducing severity of the symptoms and improving patient's well-being.

Diet against food poisoning has general principles and can be adjusted by the doctor individually depending on the duration and severity of the disease. To organize nutrition after poisoning properly, the patient should consult the specialist or gastroenterologist.

What the diet should be after poisoning.

Diet after poisoning should be gentle. On the first day, doctors do not recommend to eat. To maintain a normal fluid level in the body the patient should drink clean water or special saline solutions. Let us consider in more detail what he/she should eat after poisoning.

What is a Filtrum? Filtrum is a quick tool for treating diarrhea of any etiology (infectious diarrhea - loperamide is contraindicated, parasitic or rotavirus infection - antibiotics are useless, activated charcoal is ineffective)

What can you eat later?

The second day:

  • rye bread crumbs (2-3 pieces);
  • vegetable broth (150-250 ml.);
  • liquid mash (up to 100 ml.).

During a day the patient must drink up to two liters of liquid. Both ordinary boiled water, and rose hip broth, alkaline water without gas or pharmacy solutions are beneficial. It is necessary to refrain from sweet carbonated drinks and dairy products.

The third day:

  • warm mashed vegetables (200-300 ml.);
  • bread crumbs (2 pcs.) or crackers (2 pcs.);
  • rice or wheat porridge (250-350 gr.).

On the third day, doctors recommend entering cereals in the diet.

The fourth day:

  • chicken broth (100-200 ml.);
  • boiled boneless fish (50-100 gr.);
  • semolina casserole (150 g.);
  • unsalted wheat porridge (150 gr.);
  • rye bread crumbs (2-3 pieces).

From the next day, the list of products to use can be axpanded, and a small amount of boiled or stewed low-fat meat and fish can be added. When cooking broth, the water is slightly salted, a little spices are added.

The fifth day:

  • • broth with meatballs (250-350ml.);
  • boiled rice without oil (250 gr.);
  • rye bread crumbs (5 pcs.);
  • casserole from a curd soufflé (150-200 gr.).

On the fifth day, the diet is supplemented with cottage cheese, meat dishes.

Features of diet after poisoning

Features of diet after poisoningDoctors recommend to follow a diet after poisoning: to have meal in small portions from five to seven times a day, with improvement of well-being - up to four times. The dishes should be warm. It is not recommended to have cold or hot meal.

In the first 2 - 3 days total volume of meal should be less than usual. In the future, the patient should not overeat as well. If heaviness in the abdomen, urging to vomit or a loose stool occur, the doctor must be informed. As a rule, on the fifth day the state of health is completely restored, and the patient can return to the usual diet.

After poisoning, the drug Filtrum effectively recovers digestion. It is a natural sorbent applied to remove toxins and bacteria from the human body. Signs to using:

  • dysentery, dysbacteriosis, dyspepsia, food toxinoinfection;
  • all kinds of food and alcohol poisoning;
  • inflammatory diseases of the digestive system;
  • food, medicinal and other forms of allergy;
  • toxin, plant alkaloid, metal salt poisoning;
  • chronic intoxication in people working in harmful conditions.

The duration of the therapy applied with the drug Filtrum against acute poisoning is five days, against other diseases it is determined individually and can reach 3 weeks. The drug is taken internally. Before taking, it is recommended to grind to the state of powder. The medication should be taken with water, and then no meal should be had for an hour. The dosage of Filtrum depends on the age of the patient: up to one year old - ½ tablet, from one to seven years old - one, from seven to twelve years old - two, from twelve years old and elder - three tablets in one go. The frequency of taking drug is three to four times a day.

What foods should be excluded from the diet

Within one month after poisoning, do not have the following things:

  • dried and smoked fish;
  • lard and fatty meat;
  • semi-finished products, canned food;
  • sausages;
  • chocolate, sweets;
  • corn, beans;
  • chicken eggs;
  • raw vegetables, fruits, berries;
  • freshly baked bread;
  • pies, cakes, whipped cream.

It is necessary to abandon alcoholic beverages, spicy, sour, acidic, fried or excessively salty meal. The diet should be expanded gradually. No more than 2 new dishes a week should be entered.

Diet after childish poisoning

Diet after childish poisoningIn case of a digestive disorder in a child, the principles of treating are the same as for an adult. The only thing that is special is that children can not always explain what organ/spot is painful and how they feel. When revealing the first signs of poisoning, do not feed the child, so as not to provoke the urge to vomit. Give it more fluid to drink, best of all - boiled water. Also, a decoction of rose hips or chamomile, a weak tea or compote without sugar.

To prevent prolonged diarrhea in the first days, give the baby liquid porridge based on the water. Raw vegetables and fruits are not recommended to give. From the fifth day of treatment, the milk products can be added. They will accelerate recovering healthy intestinal microflora.

Keep in mind that a prolonged dietary restriction with a deficiency of essential nutrients or monotony in nutrition is very harmful to the health of the child. This is especially true for babies growing intensively. Therefore, after consulting doctor, expand its diet as early as possible, while maintaining its gentle features.

The medical care taken timely and proper nutrition are essential for quick recovery. Therefore, at the first signs of food poisoning, the child should consult a pediatrician.


Important: Before using, read the instructions or consult your doctor

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