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Filtrum / FAQ / Others - When Filtrum® starts acting?

When Filtrum® starts acting?

Filtrum® tablets have no capsule, and the active substance does not require activation, so the medicine starts "working" shortly after swallowing. At the same time, the rate of appearing effect does not depend on the environment acidity, so that adsorption can occur already in the stomach lumen. But most of toxins and microorganisms are attracted to the porous surface of the drug in the small intestine.

On average, Filtrum® starts performing 20-30 minutes after taking the pill. Before taking, the tablet needs to be grinded in order to speed up treating effect, as it significantly increases the absorption area.

It is not possible to attract all the toxins in the lumen of the intestine in one go. So, one should not expect a lightning effect from taking 1-2 pills, its effect develops gradually. Filtrum® should be taken every 6-8 hours for several days to improve the well-being and reduce existing symptoms fast, and in some cases, a more intensive treating mode is applied.

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