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Filtrum / FAQ / Rotavirus - How to take FILTRUM® when suffering from rotavirus infection?

How to take FILTRUM® when suffering from rotavirus infection?

Rotavirus infection belongs to the group of so-called intestinal infections. Its causative agent (small telescopic wheel-shaped rotavirus) primarily kills villi mucous membrane cells in the small intestine. As a result, a sick person gets diarrhea and vomiting with flatulence, obvious dehydration and intoxication.

When suffering from rotavirus infection, the person has these problems that are based on disturbing splitting and absorbing carbohydrates.This results in high intestinal osmotic pressure with water entering the lumen of the digestive tract. This kind of fluid redistribution and increasing dehydration on the background of diarrhea causes blood jelly, disrupting kidneys` performance.

As a result, water stores in the lumen of the intestine with extra carbohydrates, toxins, uncleared products of nitrogen metabolism. And the key treating target is removal of all these substances and rotavirus particles from the digestive tract. For this purpose, drugs called enterosorbents are prescribed, for example, Filtrum®.

Filtrum® is a natural product with a high sorption (attracting) capacity and a favorable safety profile. Therefore, this medicine can be applied when treating rotavirus infection in children. The scheme of intake is agreed with the doctor, and the dosage is determined taking into account the patient`s age and weight, as well as severity of intestinal disorders.

According to the instructions, the child should take FILTRUM® 3-4 times a day, if having rotavirus infection, period of treating with enterosorbent is up to 5 days. One-year old babies can take ½ tablets in one go.

The dose can be increased for 1-3-year old baby to 1 tablet, the same dose should be taken by under-7-year olds, and over-7-year olds can take 1-2 tablets of Filtrum®. For adults, the mode of taking Filtrum® is 2-3 tablets in one go 3-4 times a day.

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