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Filtrum / FAQ / Allergy - Does Filtrum® help against allergies?

Does Filtrum® help against allergies?

Filtrum® is not an anti-allergic and acts only in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract. Nevertheless, it is widely applied in the complex therapy of various allergic reactions in children and adults, that is provided by several mechanisms:

  • Fixation (attracting to the adsorbent surface) of food allergens, so they are less absorbed in the bowel and freely excreted from the body.
  • Binding toxic products of incomplete enzymatic fission products. They are toxic, make extra pressure on the immune system and increase the probability of its abnormal response to incoming substances. The sorbents taken help to lessen metabolic burden on the organs responsible for body detoxification.
  • Adsorption of biologically active substances releasing from immune cells as a result of inflammatory and allergic reactions. They include prostaglandins, histamine, serotonin, bradykinins, leukotriens and some other compounds. They not only circulate in blood and get into tissues, but also secrete into the bowel lumen. Removing them from the body with the help of enterosorbents (Filtrum®) helps to reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Attracting and removing from the digestive tract of a variety of microorganisms causing inflammation, producing toxins and disturbing bowel beneficial bacteria performance. Dysbiosis (dysbacteriosis) stimulated by them is one of the key allergy factors.

Taking Filtrum results in facilitating and eliminating toxic-allergic states. Moreover, this medicine can be applied not only against food allergies, but also for lessening other pathological immuno-mediated reactions.

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